It’s a video-sharing application that allows users to create and share short videos, often called “Tiktok” videos, which can be about anything from makeup tutorials to cooking. “I got two pieces of paper with some printed pictures, plus a rubber band that didn’t remotely resemble the toys in the ad, plus a sheet with Chinese writing, possibly assembly instructions. I became very skeptical of Facebook ads for unfamiliar companies after that. My mistake was not Googling the company before ordering, since if I’d done so, I would have found numerous reviews saying it was basically a scam,” she told Forbes Advisor. Avoid making purchases over public WiFi whenever possible – bad actors can intercept your connection and access your information. If you do fall victim to cybercriminals, it could potentially cost you much more than the cash in your bank account — it could cost you your identity, leading to a host of financial and personal problems.

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Never share personal information over the phone unless you made the call, and never reply to any unsolicited request for personal information (especially passwords, credit card, or bank account numbers). If you have more than one computer, it may be a good idea to dedicate one for online banking and shopping only. These are just like your regular card, but a random account number is generated for each purchase, preventing hackers from using the number again. Upon scrutinizing the e-commerce landscape, not only are the markets fragmented, but online shoppers behave quite diversely at different maturity levels. Features are a critical part of your online store and are often among the first things that customers see.

Cons – Many vendors are unhappy with the fees that PayPal charges them. But never fear, the customer is not charged extra for using their services. PayPal may also be eclipsed by other forms of payment in the future, like Google Wallet, Apple Pay, and Skrill, which all use tokenization technology. Apart from ensuring PCI compliance and the proper data encryption specified in the previous steps, it’s vital to pay attention to the password rotation policy.

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Add shopping tabs on your social profiles to let followers browse all your items at once, and manage all sales from social media platforms through your online store. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Augmented Reality (AR) can create engaging content for social media platforms. That will help businesses boost online store sales by providing personalized recommendations. These technologies use available data to suggest new products or services based on what a customer’s friends buy or mention.




For instance, you can sell surfboards from your warehouse in Indiana; you aren’t required to set up shop on the coast. All you need is access to the internet, email and phones to keep business going.

The rise of e-commerce has forced traditional retailers to adapt and innovate to stay competitive. Many brick-and-mortar stores have embraced e-commerce as a complementary channel or transformed their business models to incorporate online sales. Traditional brick-and-mortar stores have seen a decline in foot traffic, with many closing down altogether. Some retailers have been able to adapt to the shift towards online shopping by investing in technology and shifting marketing strategies, while others have struggled to keep up. There is often a lack of personal interaction and assistance when shopping online, which can make it difficult for consumers to ask questions or receive advice. There are also concerns around quality control, particularly when purchasing from lesser-known or overseas sellers, and data privacy.